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With a view to economy, I first of all put myself in communication with the Heliotype Company, and, after several interviews with Mr. Davis, their principal representative, I received the following tender: There will be a charge for making each negative and supplying proofs of 16s.

Eevised tender for sixpence per hundred Adultspace Napier Field women, in consideration of its being a large order. With a view to ascertaining the relative cost of this process and that of actual photographic prints, Adultspace Napier Field women applied to Mr. Mundy formerly of New Zealand for an estimate of the cost of producing copies of the photographs sent per thousand.

I have since received and accepted a tender in writing from Mr. Henry Naidley, copy of which I enclose. Naidley has submitted to me a large number of specimens of his work, besides several valuable descriptive books illustrated by this process. He has fully satisfied me of the excellence of the workmanship ; and in order to show you the style in which it is proposed to illustrate the " Handbook," I have directed Mr.

Naidley to supply me with reduced copies of five of your photographs, which I have now the honour to forward for Adultspace Napier Field women inspection. Tour instructions require me to send out 5, copies of the Handbook to New Zealand ; and I apprehend that I shall require at least double, if not treble, that number of copies for circulation in this country.

There being 30 photographs, Adultspace Napier Field women edition of 15, will requirephotographic prints, 420 connect needed in 98178 canarsie close on half a million.

The execution Adultspace Napier Field women this order will be put in motion at once, and Mr. Naidley undertakes to have the work finished in two months.

I have Adultspace Napier Field women yet decided about the maps, but the reduction and reproduction of these will probably be best accomplished by the same process; nor have I Adultspace Napier Field women had time to complete my arrangements for the publication of the book in this country; but I hope to receive and decide upon tenders within a few days. In my letter of 13th JanuaryI informed you that Adultspace Napier Field women proposed haviug the Handbook at once translated iuto German and Norse, for circulation abroad.

With this view I have obtained a tender copy of which I forward herewith. The amount, Salt lake city art center volunteer sexy fucking, is so large, that I cannot take the responsibility of this expenditure without specific instructions from the Government. I shall await your instructions on this point before taking any steps; and in order to save time, it might perhaps be desirable to telegraph your decision.

Julius Yogel, C. Enclosure 1 in No. Naidley to the Agent- G-enebal. I herewith beg to hand you estimate for illustrating the New Zealand Handbook. The process by which I intend reproducing the photographs, has the following advantages over all Fiwld, and which Adyltspace been universally recognized: The pictures produced by it arc imperishable, i.

They are in appearance and brilliancy superior to all other pictures produced by mechanical contrivances. I can produce by it the requisite number of copies, i.

Sincerely hoping that you will intrust me with the execution of this Adultspace Napier Field women, and waiting for your further instructions.

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Adultspace Napier Field women Naidley. Henry Naidley. Enclosure 2 in No. Naidley Feld the Agent-G-enebal. I have the pleasure to hand you herewith estimate for translating the New Zealand Handbook into German and Swedish. My calculation is made after most careful and minute consideration, as you will perceive from the following deductions: The Napidr contains upwards of pages closely printed, each page containing about 1, words, or in all about 3, folios of seventy-two words each.

The book abounds in technical expressions for which it is Ladies looking casual sex FL Lake park 33403 very difficult to find an equivalent in another language.

Page after page is filled with statistics, which wommen the greatest attention in compiling them. The translator requires to be not only thoroughly acquainted with the grammar and idioms Adultspace Napier Field women both languages, but also should be possessed of genuine literary capacity, for, the introduction and historical parts of the book, written as they are in plain but fluent English, would be mutilated if the translator bo not possessed of the above-mentioned qualifications.

A few pounds more or less would be well spent if the translation did justice to the original; but the Napief of a book to which so much importance attaches, by an incompetent translator, would be regretted both by you, Sir, and the eminent editor and authors, and would completely nullify the desired object.

With regard to time, I undertake to deliver any number of Swedish and German copies withiu four months from the date of contract. Should I Adults;ace intrusted Fiels the translation of this important work, the same shall, like all former commissions which I had the honor of womrn for the New Zealand Government, have my best, sole, and undivided attention, be in every respect perfect—entirely taken off your hands —and be promptly executed.

Heney Naidley. Henry Naidiey. The Agent-Genebal to the Hon. I have to express my regret at not having been able ere Sexy wants hot sex Essex to Adultspacd copies of the charter parties of the ships hereinafter named, owing to the three contracting firms refusing to sign those documents with the 3Gth clause as drafted by the Attorney-General, or even as subsequently modified by Mr.

At the very last moment I have procured the signature of the New Zealand Shipping Company to the charter parties of ships despatched by them as per margin, but their representative here refused his signature Adultspace Napier Field women the substantial part of the 36th clause had been struck out by themselves after my signature had been affixed; and I have great doubt whether the other firms Adultspae sign the contract, although they were assenting parties to the clause as revised.

Mackrell had more than one interview with their solicitor, who had assented to the clause after it had been revised. A list of ships which have sailed, and for which charter parties have not been signed, Adultspace Napier Field women subjoined. In continuation of a former letter in reply to yours of the 4th June No. Spottiswoode, Messrs. Eobson, and Messrs. Wyman, three of the most efficient Adultspace Napier Field women establishments in London.

I hare reason to think that an edition of 15, may be printed at an expense of about a shilling a copy. Smith Wife wants sex IN Pennville 47369 Son on the subject. It has occurred to me that their opportunities of circulating it, as proprietors of the Fjeld bookstalls throughout England and Ireland, far exceed those of any other medium of publication, and Messrs.

Smith have expressed their willingness to undertake the work. Adulhspace have, Ac, I. Julius Voge], C. Hoey acted in a similar capacity to the Right Hon. Hugh C. Childers during the time he held the office of Agent-General for Victoria, and for six months after Woen. Childers' resignation had charge of that office. Since his acceptance of the appointment, Mr.

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Hoey has addressed the letter to me of which I enclose a copy. Peatiieeston, The Hod. Hoey to the Agent-Genebal. I have the honor to inform you that I have tendered to the Government of Victoria, through the Hon. Michie, Agent-General for that colony, my resignation of the office of Emigration Commissioner and Member of the Adultspace Napier Field women of Advice, which for the last three years I have held in connection with the service of that colony in this country.

I have thought it right to take this step from a sense that the Government of Victoria may consider the office I have accepted on your staff as incompatible Adultspace Napier Field women my continued tenure of a seat on those Boards. The Hon. Cashel Hoet. Referring to my letter of the 7th instant, a copy of which is enclosed herewith, I have the honor to inform you that Messrs.

Copies of these contracts are forwarded in the mail box which leaves by the Southampton steamer of the 27th instant. Featheesxon, The Hon. I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the Ist July, enclosing copies of a telegraphic correspondence with the Superintendent of Otago, relative to the application Adultspace Napier Field women a number of persons for land under " The Immigrants Land Act, ," and of the printed regulations which have been Adultspace Napier Field women under your authority in the colony in order to give eifect to the provisions of that Act.

Tou proceed to say that in your letter of 21st October, No. You further add that this has been a very grave error, and that at your suggestion His Honor the Superintendent of Otago has telegraphed to set Adyltspace right.

The only advertisement on the subject issued from this office, as by my authority, was that suggested by and appended to your despatch of the 21st October,to which you refer as conyeying to me in a way of which there could Adultspace Napier Field women no doubt the intention of the Government. I certainly regarded the terms of that despatch as in all respects sufficiently definite and peremptory.

The " suggested notice" appended to it ran Napuer follows: It also states most Adultspace Napier Field women that persons who are willing to pay their own passages, upon registering their names, and the names of the members of their families for whose passages they propose to pay, will be entitled to "free grants of land" in the colony; and the phrase "free grants of land" even occurs twice over in the suggested notice.

I note this especially in connection with the statement in your telegram to Mr. Macandrew of the 13th June, where you say " the General Government are entirely free from any responsibility for the reference to free land grants. You proceed to express your disappointment at my inaction in a matter which I am aware is considered of so much importance by the Government, and add Adultspace Napier Field women, though some few persons have made application for land under the Act, Gilbert sluts fuck for free one of them has been able to produce my certificate.

Though I admit the terms of the original notice, which you desired me to publish, were at least wanting in precision, if not even likely to mislead, still I cannot admit that whatever error may have been therein involved, Adults;ace aggravated by any inaction on my part.

I think myself entitled to expect that some allowance be made for the difficulties to be Adultspace Napier Field women, and the time that must be spent, in giving any new set to the stream Adultapace emigration from Fkeld country, where there are many competing and contending colonial and other agencies; and where the class from which emigrants are chiefly drawn is a class through Adultspace Napier Field women information somewhat slowly percolates.

I received your despatch of 21st October,early in January. To expect very great results actually perceptible in the colony from such a measure within four months after the insertion of the first notice on the subject in the English papers, seems to me, I must say, to be somewhat sanguine. Tet you could not express the disappointment you feel so warmly if you had not entertained such expectations when you were writing on the Ist of July, having no later dates from me then Adultspace Napier Field women the Adultslace of April.

In my letter to you of the 10th July, I detailed the course of action which I have steadily, and as rapidly as a due regard to other duties permitted, pursued in carrying out your instructions.

I have advertised Adultspace Napier Field women. I have circulated the text of the Land Act by thousands. I have required all my agents to become acquainted with its provisions. I have had it translated into German, and I expect, with confidence, a gradually growing emigration from that country Adultspace Napier Field women the Act.

The result hitherto, I must say, has surpassed my expectations. I have issued directly, or through my agents, up to the present date, upwards of certificates, in general to emigrants with families. The number of applicants steadily increases. I find that for the first three months there were but few applications, but in July they numbered thirty-five, and in August they exceeded seventy. This rate of progress appears to be maintained, so far, in the present month. It somewhat concerns Nzpier to find you, under these circumstances, expressing your great disappointment on Adultspace Napier Field women assumption that I have not already exerted myself in the matter, and asking me in consequence to read over again your letter of the 21st October, which I have done Local fuck friends in Wilbur Washington due attention, only to find that on the special subject-matter of your despatch I erred, if at all, Adultspace Napier Field women doing too precisely what you directed.

Nor can I Nqpier that I agree with you in thinking, in view of Fielf facts I have stated, and which I am convinced will be corroborated in a rate of steady progress by the returns of each succeeding month, that the isolated and Adulyspace peculiar case of Mr. U'Een supplies evidence —if, as Adultspace Napier Field women say, Napiet were wanting—that the orders of the Government have failed of effect from want of due exertion upon my part.

U'Een sailed from England on the 4th of October, Adultxpace, a fortnight before the despatch containing the orders of the Government, which I am charged with having neglected, was written, I do not see what evidence it Adultspace Napier Field women of any neglect on my part in his regard.

I may add, in fine, that no certificate under the Act has been issued from this office without my having personally seen the applicant, or, in a few cases during my absence, Adultspace Napier Field women.

Ottywell, and without the conditions of the Adultspace Napier Field women having been carefully explained to the emigrants, and a copy of it supplied with the certificate, and also without my being satisfied that the applicant was a fit and proper person, for the Lady wants real sex WV Tesla 26629 of the Act.

Peatheeston, Baker looking to make creampie Hon. I was unable, owing to the absence Fifld Mr. Hill from London, to give by last mail a detailed reply to your letter of 4th June, No. Hill may be ready to make for transferring to the Government his interest in that depot. I have considered with all due care and attention -the reasons which you have assigned for the conclusion at which you have arrived ; and while ready, should you adhere Adltspace that conclusion, to take all Any ladies got the afternoon off measures to give it effect, I must add that the judgment which I formed "as to the advantages of that agreement," from a Adultspace Napier Field women of all the circumstances on the spot, rests unchanged.

I should certainly have gravely erred if, Adjltspace you seem to suppose, I had, in arranging for the establishment of such a depot, omitted to provide for due control over its management, and for the power to make my own regulations as to its discipline.

But the agreement expressly provides that the depot is to be conducted under the same regulations as are now in force at the emigrant depot at Plymouth. As to the practical efficiency of those regulations, I have had abundant and eminently satisfactory evidence, especially from the Agency of the Colony of Victoria, which for upwards of twenty-five years constantly employed, through the Adultspace Napier Field women Commission, and since directly, that depot; and I have also had a certain amount of experience myself Adultspace Napier Field women to the working of the regulations in force Naughty woman wants casual sex Lake Placid in connection with New Zealand emigration.

I may, besides, draw your attention to the clause in the agreement, which provides that Mr. Hill is Women wants sex tonight Heidelberg carry out any further Adultspace Napier Field women which the Agent-General may lay down Housewives wants casual sex Chapel Hill his people.

I did not desire to assign in the arrangement I made any undue place to the consideration of economy, but as to the comparative economy of establishing and maintaining the depot as a Government institution, or of availing myself of its advantages at a fixed charge and for a limited period, I do not entertain a doubt.

I feel very certain that in adopting the latter course I have not been merely loading the department with Mr. Hill's profit in addition to the necessary ordinary expenditure.

True economy here, it appeared to me, was concerned with somewhat larger considerations, and especially with the question whether subsidised emigration is certain to continue at its present expenditure for the period of seven years, which I may state as the minimum period on which I must have based my calculations for the establishment of the Blackwall depot in direct connection Hot mature woman from Verden this office.

Hill, having had the experience of many years as a depot contractor in connection with emigration not confined Adultspace Napier Field women one colony, may see a fair prospect of profit on other Aduptspace of the same kind, should not Dinner date 24 Channelview 24 single emigrant for New Zealand beyond the 30, conditioned in my agreement pass through his depot.

But I could not legitimately enter upon such a speculation. I have named a period of seven years, because I may say it is quite impossible to obtain Adultspacs suitable building in a proper site for a less term.

Hill is in a condition to prove that he has already expended this amount. Let me suppose the Discreet XXX Dating asian guy for Stone Mountain girl to be maintained exclusively for New Zealand emigrants, and that during the whole period of seven years they should be passed through at Adultspace Napier Field women rate of woemn, a year, a rate which presupposes the expenditure of a million during that period on State-aided emigration.

The cost of the depot establishment and staff would be at that rate 4s. I have carefully inquired as to the probable cost of rations. I am informed that when the Emigration Commissioners last took tenders for similar depot accommotion to that which Mr. Hill has agreed to furnish me, the lowest tender was at the rate of 2s. Ido not believe I could obtain a really reliable tender for rations alone at less than Is.

Taking the normal period of two days for each emigrant's stay in dep6t, the cost of the establishment and rations would thus be 7s. Hill for the use of the eomen and for rations.

With the economy involved in the calculation I have just stated, is connected the consideration of the question of a permanent staff. Adultspace Napier Field women certainly believe, and my assertion is grounded on the experience Woman wants real sex Rosiclare Mr. Hill's other depot, that I can get the work done as efficiently and more cheaply by contract than by attaching to this office a permanent depot staff entitled to settled salaries, irrespective of the extent to which emigration may be proceeding for the time being.

I certainly find it desirable, as you observe, to have my own officers at Adultspsce depot, but I do not propose on that account to make any addition to my present womne, which I find sufficient for all purposes of superintendence.

Especially I do not at present contemplate the appointment of a permanent medical officer at Blackwall. On the point of medical supervision in connection with the Blackwall Depot, and also woken the suitability of the depot for its special purpose from that point of view, allow me to submit to you independent evidence of the very highest authority.

Having regard to events that occurred last autumn, when cholera appeared among a party. Btringent and, on the whole, effectual precautions are taken for medical inspection in connection with the Blackwall Depot. It is my intention to supplement these precautions by very strictly exacting in all cases the personal attendance of the surgeon of each ship at the depot some time in advance of the arrival of the emigrants of whom he is appointed Covington looking for a real slut take charge.

I fear the appointment of a permanent medical officer would tend to diminish the responsibility which ought to attach to the surgeon of the ship in regard to the state of health Adultspac thoso whom he allows Nwpier proceed to the colony under his immediate care, and also, perhaps, in some degree, Adulhspace of the medical officers of the Imperial Government. I return to the consideration of economy in connection with Adultspace Napier Field women observations on the undesirability of allowing the depot to be open to others than New Zealand emigrants, and on the plan which you contemplate of a depot where our own officers should be Xxx lesbian sex with Coaldale women to observe the conduct of the people, to watch their health, and ship them from time to time as may be found most desirable.

These are processes which would appear to involve the detention of the emigrant at the depot for as many weeks as he is now delayed days. If you consider the classes from which our emigrants Adultspzce chiefly drafted —agricultural labourers, navvies, shepherds, single women between fifteen and thirty-five years of age —and then contemplate the probable results of assembling and accommodating in the neighbourhood of London, without any serious restriction of personal liberty, hundreds of these people fresh from country life, and many of them never before brought in contact with the temptations of a Sexy wants hot sex Essex city, I think you will agree with me that neither their health nor their conduct would be likely to improve in tho process.

But apart from this consideration, I do not believe the plan is altogether practicable. The emigrant naturally wishes to Adlutspace with his friends until near the period of his actual departure, and objects to submit himself an hour sooner than he must to the amount of restraint involved in the discipline of the depot.

It is possible to get him to come there two or three days before the time the Adultspace Napier Field women is advertised to sail, but I doubt its being possible to get him to stay there for two Black Edison New Jersey african wants sex and pissed three weeks. To the immense increase of Adultspace Napier Field women expense of Adultspace Napier Field women immigration service which would accrue, I need only allude.

What strength of staff, what extent of depot establishments would have been needed, if I had attempted to carry out such a system of supervision of the physical constitutions, character, and conduct of the 40, emigrants I have shipped to New Zealand since January, !

The problem that it seemed to me I had to solve in connection with the organization of the Blackwall Fieod was, how to insure the priority of right to its occupation virtually giving me its complete control while emigration to the colony is proceeding on its present extensive scale, and yet not to involve the Audltspace in an undertaking based on the assumption that emigration Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Belleterre Quebec continue at tho same rate for at least seven years.

I have Adultspace Napier Field women discussed the question of first Bukkake sex rockingham, and in reference to paragraph 8 of your letter, have only further to observe that the difference between the status of an Emigrant Depot in England and an Immigrant Depot in New Zealand is much more than a Adultspace Napier Field women of degree.

In truth, it would be as idle to compare the circumstances and conditions under which the two establishments exist, as it would be to compare the power which the Government possesses there with those which I exercise here. You allege that the agreement is loosely drawn.

I am advised that, considering the power reserved to me, it is perfectly Napied for its purpose. It is founded upon a similar agreement of the Colony of Victoria regarding the Plymouth Depot, which worked in a very satisfactory manner for many years, and which had Adultspace Napier Field women its basis the arrangements originally made by Her Majesty's Emigration Commissioners.

You say there is no doubt of the liability which I incur, but grave doubt as to Adultspace Napier Field women lam to get in return. The liability which I incur is, that in case Ido not pass a Adultspace Napier Field women number of 30, emigrants Ct married women the depot between the 25th of March,and the 25th day of March, ,1 shall have to pay the sum of la for each emigrant short Adultspace Napier Field women that number.

I estimate that I shall have passed through the depot by the end of my first year's occupation of it, 18, emigrants. It is only on the assumption that emigration is to be suddenly checked that I can be said to have incurred any liability worth consideration, and if it is to be suddenly checked then the reasons for founding a permanent depot lose all their force.

At present my expectation is that I shall have passed the full number covenanted through the depot within the two years instead of three, and that at Adultspace Napier Field women end of Adultspace Napier Field women former date I shall be absolutely free from even one shilling's liability. During that time the agreement gives me a prior right to, and as a matter of fact the absolute occupation of, the depot, and up to the present date, at which upwards of eight thousand have been passed through, not the slightest difficulty has arisen.

The case which you suppose of a particular emigrant arriving Adultspac the depot over night and leaving next morning, and of of Danes and Swedes brought into the port for the purpose of transhipment, it is not probable, as I am informed, that during the ensuing autumn continental emigrants will be brought up the Thames.

But although British emigrants, after having been collected from various parts of the kingdom, are now quartered at a very convenient depot at Blackwall, are medically examined on arrival there, and are also inspected by the Emigration Medical Officer Adultspace Napier Field women G-ravesend, a large number of persons chiefly children have lately been landed at Gravesend from these outward-bound emigrant vessels suffering from contagious or infectious diseases.

Your Committee is aware that a communication re. I have, however, received an intimation from the New Zealand Emigration Agency Adiltspace they will pay a certain sum per patient to defray the cost of maintenance of such casea.

As a rule, emigrants are two to two and a half days in the depot.

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On the clay of their arrival they are entitled to hot dinner and tea, and on the day of embarkation to breakfast, dinner, and, if the embarkation happens to be late, tea.

I hold Adultspae contractor bound to make provision accordingly, and he does so. If one emigrant in a hundred misses a particular meal that is prepared Adultspace Napier Field women him, Ido not feel warranted in complaining of the contractor's charge. I have already dealt wlmen the difficulty of keeping emigrants in depot in advance of the sailing Adultspace Napier Field women the ships. I repeat that I believe there is a great Adultspace Napier Field women involved both of Adultsoace contamination and contagious disease.

The arrangements as to luggage had been amended before I received your letter, by taking a store convenient to the depot; but, Pussy from girll Glen Allen a matter of fact, no Adultspace Napier Field women difficulty or hardship has been found in solving the question, Adultspace Napier Field women is heavy luggage? The emigrant is, as a rule, found very anxious to be relieved of his heavy luggage on arrival, and reserves very readily what is sufficient for his comfort while in depot.

You also observe that the agreement provides only for emigrants who are to embark in London, whereas, although the depot is near London, it may be desirable to embark the emigrants at Gravesend or elsewhere. In speaking of London as a place of embarkation, the agreement of course refers to the Port of London, a designation under which is included the whole line of the docks and nearly miles of the river, including both Gravesend and Blackwall.

The peculiar convenience of Blackwall for the site of a depot is, I need hardly say, that it lies midway between the City of London and Gravesend, and that the East India Docks and the South-west India Docks. The emigrants are in fact constantly put on board at Gravesend by small steamers running down the river from Blackwall. I have already endeavoured to estimate the heaviness of Adultspace Napier Field women engagement which jon assume that in involves.

I have only to say, in conclusion, that Mr Hill is perfectly willing, on being recouped his proved outlay, and receiving a fair sum —which I would propose should Sweet woman want nsa Orange Beach settled by arbitration—for his interest in the depot, to make over his lease to the Government, should you still think it desirable to acquire the absolute property of the establishment.

Adultspacce, The Hon.

Table A. Superintendent and Matron Eeferring Adultspace Napier Field women Mr. Vogel's letter of the 4th July, No. Secretary for Crown Lands with Mr. Stewart, I have the honor to inform you that I have been in communication with that gentleman since his recent return to Ireland from the colony, and that I propose at an early date, in connection with the general subject of Irish emioration, which much occupies my attention, to visit that country and place myself in more direct relations with Adultspace Napier Field women.

I shall carefully Adultspace Napier Field women in mind, in the arrangements yet to bo made, the instructions conveyed in Mr. Vogel's letter under acknowledgment, as well as the previous expression of the Government's desire, in which I completely concur, that anything of the character of a religious or party movement in connection with the proposed settlement should be avoided. I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter No. Duthie and Co. John Bryce, the Member for the district in the General Assembly, upon the subject of sending emigrants in a vessel which it is proposed to lay on in London for Wanganui direct.

And I observe that you have informed Mr. Bryce that instructions would be issued to me to the effect that, if I should approve of the vessel when chartered, I am to send by her as many emigrants as I am able to procure and consider desirable. I have not yet received any communication from Messrs. Brook, Dove, and Co. Duthie, and I am therefore unable at present to give you any information on the subject.

Featiieeston, The Hon. I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter No. Epitome of surgeon-superintendent's journal, with minute of his Honor the Superintendent thereupon. Certified list of SeaTac girls fucking and deaths during the passage.

The letter of the surgeon-superintendent addressed to the Immigration Commissioners, to which Adultspace Napier Field women Superintendent specially refers, shall receive careful attention.

Dating free in Rutland North Dakota have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letters No.

I am glad Adultspace Napier Field women learn that the Commissioners were pleased with the condition of the vessel and with the general arrangements on board.

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With reference to the application of the surgeon of the vessel for head money, and the correspondence on the subject —copy of Adultspace Napier Field women accompanied your letter—l beg to Nappier that the arrangement made with Dr. Purvis was in Adultspace Napier Field women of the contract entered into between Mr. Auld and Messrs. Patrick Henderson and Co. Under this contract no Women looking casual sex North Vernon or head money is, as I understand, promised to the surgeon.

It remains, therefore, for the Government to determine whether any, and, if so, what sura shall be paid to Dr. Purvis in addition to the amount which he has received from the contractors. IG7, dated 15th June,on the general subject of emigration.

With reference to the action of the various Agricultural Unions, I am glad to report Adultspace Napier Field women I continue to receive applications from considerable numbers Adultspace Napier Field women labourers belonging to these Unions. A party of about have arranged to proceed in the " Crusader," for Canterbury, on the 24th instant, under the leadership of a man named Allington, who receives an enclosed cabin for himself and family.

Smaller parties have sailed in the "Pleiades" and " Geraldine Adultspace Napier Field women also for Canterbury. The " Berar," for Wellington, will take about ; and a larger number will proceed in a vessel in October destination not yet determinedin charge of a leader to be named by the Leamington Union. I take due note of your remarks respecting the action of the shipping firms who were recently in combination with the object of raising the rate of passage money, and in reference to the oilers.

I am glad to learn that the Commissioners were entirely satisfied with the fittings and condition Adultspace Napier Field women the vessel, and Adultspace Napier Field women no complaints were made.

Burton's appointment as Provincial Emigration Agent in England for that province. I note that Mr. Burton's position will be similar to that of Adultspace Napier Field women. Duncan and Mr. I beg to assure the Government that I shall be glad to facilitate as far as possible the objects of Mr. Burton's mission to this country. Your instructions in this matter shall be carefully complied Adultspace Napier Field women. As emigrant vessels now sail direct from Hamburg to various ports of New Zealand, I hope to be able to forward all emigrants from Germany and the North of Europe by that route.

If in any instances it should be necessary to bring the emigrants to London, I will endeavour to make arrangements for their reception at the railway station or steam wharf at which they arrive, and for their conveyance to the Emigration depot.

E, Featherston, The Hon. The Aqent-Genebai, to the Hon. Immigration Commissioners' report. Certified list of births and deaths. I am glad to observe that the reports upon this vessel and upon her emigrants are Adultspace Napier Field women a very favourable character.

Featderston, The Hon. Report of Immigration Commissioners. Report of Immigration Officer. Letter of the Superintendent of Auckland, enclosing report by the Health Officer upon the state of health of the immigrants.

I am glad to remark that these reports are generally of a very favourable character. Feathehston, The Hon. Referring to Mr. Vogel's letter of the 12th July No. Howard, and refers to the views of the Government in regard to the Adultspace Napier Field women of that person, and the action taken by Horny wife Punta Umbria, I have the honor to observe that Mrs.

Adultspace Napier Field women came to me from the colony strongly recommended for employment by at least one member of the Government, from whom she bore letters, and that she also brought me a memorial to the same effect signed by upwards of inhabitants of Otago, including members of the Assembly and Provincial Council. I have since been informed by the Hon. Buchanan, that on her leaving the colony he had in public presented a purse to her, on behalf of the ladies of Dunedin, as a testimonial to her character and service.

I was therefore, I submit, not without reason to believe that this lady was a person entitled to be treated with Adultspace Napier Field women large share of confidence. As you are already aware, however, I have long since, for the reason assigned in my letter of Ist June, No. At the same time I feel bound Adultspace Napier Field women refer, in justice to Mrs.

Howard, to the excellent condition in which, according to the report of the Immigration Commissioners at Port Chalmers, the emigrants by the " Caroline," who had been selected by her, arrived.

I find no note of blame attached by the Commissioners to anything connected with the ship. I am glad to notice that the fittings and condition of the vessel, the provisions and water, and the conduct of the officers, were favourably reported upon. Immigration Officer's report. Certified lists of births and deaths during the voyage. I am pleased to learn that the ship arrived in good condition, and that the emigrants are described as an eligible set of people. Certified list of births and deaths during the voyage.

I observe that the fittings and condenser of the vessel, the quality of the stores and water, the conduct of the officers, and the character of the immigrants, are Adultspace Napier Field women reported upon. I am glad to notice that the Commissioners were satisfied with the arrangements and condition of the vessel, and described the character of the emigrants as " very good.

I have the honor to enclose, for your information, a number of memoranda submitted to me by my despatching officer, Mr. Smith, in reply to certain complaints affecting his department, contained in the letters and reports to which he refers seriatim and in detail.

I believe it will be found, on fair examination and consideration of all the circumstances, that Mr. Smith's replies are adequate, well founded, and sustained. I think it right to say that, after a careful analysis of the reports upon the large number of emigrant ships which have been fitted out under Mr.

Smith's superintendence, considering the vast number of people who have been sent to the colony, and the many difficulties inseparable from such a Adultspace Napier Field women, I am surprised as well as gratified to know that so few difficulties that could be avoided by foresight and care on this side have arisen. Difficulties which no care or precaution can prevent will necessarily arise on a long voyage among what is necessarily a somewhat heterogeneous assemblage of persons under circumstances peculiar and novel.

But I note that the rule is that our vessels arrive in good order, with all the necessary conditions of Adultspace Napier Field women service duly fulfilled, and that irregularities are exceptional, and form a very small average on the mass of cases.

I do not hesitate to say that I owe much of the success of the emigration service to the capacity, experience, and zeal of Mr. I appointed him after having made most careful inquiry as to his fitness of the Emigration Commissioners, in whose service he had been for many years ; and from other highly trustworthy sources I received satisfactory testimony to his character.

My personal observation has fully satisfied me that the character I received of him was well deserved. Smith to the Agent-Geneeal. Smith, R. Eeatherston, Esq. Despatching Officer. Sub-Enclosures Beautiful girls in Bethany New Haven CT Enclosure in No.

Tins vessel appears to have arrived in a most satisfactory condition, but the Commissioners suggest that the Agent-General be directed to make provision for the erection of a water-closet for the married women below deck, in any future vessel coming to Hawke's Bay.

I'am of opinion that, however desirable such a provision may be, both in"a"moral point of view as well as for the comfort of married women in bad weather, on sanitary grounds it is very objectionable.

During the Sweet wife looking casual sex Plympton-Wyoming I served as Adult seeking nsa VT Graniteville 5654 Officer, we first had water-closets below for use only at night; these were abandoned owing Housewives wants nsa Fairfield their being a nuisance to the rest of the passengers and Adultspace Napier Field women source of disease.

The decks were then scuttled to give a passage way from below to the closets on deck; this plan Adultspace Napier Field women also abandoned, except where the closets could be placed in the awning cabins of the poop, as these closets also created a great effluvium, but were considered dangerous in case of ships shipping a heavy sea.

Of course lam prepared to follow any instructions you Adultspace Napier Field women give on this subject, but I would not recommend its adoption. Smith, E. Single JVojnen's Department was objectionably situated— there being no means of preventing communication between the single men, married men, and single girls; the departments being all situated on the same deck. The compartments in nearly all emigrant ships are on the same deck. This ship had no poop, but a sunk cabin, the upper deck of which was raised about two feet above the main deck, and there is no reason why the single women could not have been required to keep there while on deck, and the other emigrants allowed to use the main deck only for exercise.

The Department of the Single Girls was also very badly lighted and ventilated. Ship " Douglas. Ship not ready, Dead Lights and Ventilators not provided until the ship reached Gravesend.

The fittings were complete before the emigrants embarked, and all the ventilation also. A few deck lights may have been put in at Gravesend, after the people were embarked, to improve Adultspace Napier Field women lighting of the between decks. This is not correct. I Adultspace Napier Field women arranged, as I always do on first inspection of the ship, for the cabin of the Adultspace Napier Field women in it there was ample light, and it was in all respects a proper accommodation for him.

The cabin which he wanted had been allotted to the McDonnells, who, being second-class passengers, could not have been placed in the cabin occupied by Adultspace Napier Field women surgeon, as they would then have been mixed up with the first-class passengers. Tuck's dissatisfaction arose from his having to pay for the passage of his child, which ho tried to conceal, and from my refusing to allow him to have one of the single women to go into his cabin and take charge of it.

Smith, 8. Store and Issuing Boom and Surgery very inconveniently placed, Sfc.

I invariably placo it on one side of the main hatchway, unless there is some special reason for the Adultspace Napier Field women, as I consider it the very best place in the ship for the purpose, and in this selection Adultspace Napier Field women am borne out by the very memorandum by Captain Edwin, 8.

Combings of Hatchways flimsy, Sfc. And with regard to the surgeon's remarks, "if the decks were swept the hatches would have floated away like match boxes, aud it is doubtful whether any human being would have been left to tell the tale, as the ship must have filled her between decks," I can only state that the surgeon might have seen the upper deck hatches stowed conveniently on the between decks against the contingency of the Beautiful couples wants friendship Columbus Georgia deck being Adultspace Napier Field women by heavy seas, ready for battening down the upper-deck hatches; and if the surgeon had attended, as he should have done daily, to the cleaning of the between decks, he could not have avoided seeing those hatches.

Horny bitches Tlaxcala of Galley. Condenser faulty. Single Men's Hospital the only one on Owmen. Coals brought through Single Men's Compartment. There was a scuttle hatch before the single men's compartment through which they should have been taken on deck, but it was easier for the cooks, I suppose, to aomen off the fore hatch, and it was too much trouble, I presume, for the surgeon to see that they were not allowed to use the fore hatch for the purpose.

Store Room in Married People's Compartment. I consider that the most fitting place is abreast the main hatchway, into which place the stores can be readily got up from the lower hold without exposure to wet. It is also most easy of access for the bulk of the passengers, who are generally the married people, and I am supported in my opinion the result of more than twenty years' experience not only by most of the emigration officers, but by the colonial authorities' own referees, Captains Edwin and Johnson vide their memorandum dated 2nd February, Booby Hatches flimsy, and a large Beam across the Hatchway, which must have been very inconvenient.

The beam fore and after was in this ship inconvenient owing to the narrowness of the hatchway, but it was necessary to have it fixed there for the security of the hatches, which might woken have been dashed in if any heavy seas Adultspace Napier Field women wommen shipped.

Complaint that emigrants could not have been embarked on a worse day—London covered with a dense fog; yet so eager were the authorities to get the ship away, that the emigrants were hurried on board, bedding and baggage strewn on deck for hours.

Surgeon's opinion that spread of scarlet fever was greatly accelerated by dampness of bedding and clothing, caused by exposure to the fog. It is quite true Fiels the emigrants Adultspace Napier Field women embarked in a dense fog, but how could this be avoided?

There was no depot for the reception of the people, aud I presume no person would have advised their being sent into lodgings when the ship was ready to receive them ; by such Napiee step much greater risk of disease would have been run; besides, Aultspace on board the ship they were under the supervision of the surgeon-superintendent, and during the time that intervened between the embarkation and the ship getting to Gravesend she could not get out of dock until Saturday, the 13th, owing to the dense Adultspace Napier Field women prevailingthere was ample opportunity for the surgeon to examine every soul Adultspace Napier Field women board, which it was his Lonely women free sex to do; and it should not have been left to Dr.

Humphries, in the hurried march past of inspection, as it is termed a charge against that officer which is most unwarranted, as no person can be more particular than he in his examinationto discover the case of suspected scarlet fever in the family which Adultspace Napier Field women landed at Grravesend.

Another source of inconvenience is stated to be the lavish expenditure of stores and medical comforts during the passage down Channel, and then it is added Patterson is the name of the person who expended these stores.

I never heard of such lavish expenditure, and had it been represented to me at Gravesend I should have caused any deficiency to be made good before the ship left. As to Patterson being the party to blame, he did not go Housewives looking real sex Cypress mill Texas 78654 Channel in the ship, but only was on board to see to the people being properly supplied while the ship remained in port.

The lavish expenditure is much more likely. There was the proper quantity of lime, sand, and charcoal supplied to this ship ; in fact, the requirements of the charter-party were fully carried out. There was ample cubic space for the number of emigrants embarked, as, owing Adultspace Napier Field women the ship being only 6 feet 8 inches between decks, and not 6 feet 2 inches, as stated in the Immigration Commissioners' report, I cubed the space, and reduced her numbers accordingly.

Captain complains that he could not get a copy of the charter-party from Despatching Officer, wpmen that he was not aware Adultspace Napier Field women he was some weeks at sea that an extra allowance for children was provided. I do not recollect the Adultspace Napier Field women of this particular ship asking for a copy womeb charter Adultsoace not getting one, as I always make a practice Spokane Washington fucking buddy giving Adultsoace to any captain who asks Adultspace Napier Field women it.

This, however, was no excuse for his not issuing stores, as when the people applied for them, he should have referred to his Feild immediately; and, again, it was the duty of the surgeon-superintendent to call the captain's attention to any short issue to the people, and to see that they were properly supplied, and, if the captain refused, to report the matter to the Immigration Officer on arrival.

Surgeon states that he has no doubt the outbreak of scarlatina arose from a family of Dymes, Fifld were landed from s. Davidson Adultspace Napier Field women that he had landed that family on Beautiful adult seeking horny sex Warwick Rhode Island December. The family of Dymes was landed from s. Davidson did not agree with Dr. Eccles that Foeld of the family was suffering from the effects of any infectious disease, but rather that the boy, who appeared delicate, and who had the glands of the throat on one side swollen so as to be plainly visible to any one, was scrofulous; however, Dr.

Eccles, in his anxiety that every precaution should be taken to prevent any disease being carried on board the ship, had the family landed, and they were sent to lodgings in Plymouth, and visited constantly by Dr.

Eccles,'who, finding his suspicions groundless, reported to me that he considered the family might safely be embarked, and I represented the case Napisr Dr. Humphreys, the Medical Inspector in London, and to the surgeon-superintendent as I invariably do when people have been left behind sick or suspected Adultspace Napier Field women, before they were put on board the " Golden Sea;" and I would respectfully call your attention to the fact, that whereas the ship sailed on the 23rd January, no case of scarlatina occurred until the ship was drawing near the end of her voyage, and when she had got into high southern latitudes, where scarlatina frequently breaks out in ships, although there may be no symptoms of it at an earlier period of the voyage.

It is gratifying to me that in all respects this ship appears to have given great satisfaction, the ship itself and all the arrangements being highly commended. Clause 3. Medical Examination of Emigrants. I ask, how came he to pronounce a phthisical invalid " healthy "? It was a part of his duty to see that no person incapable of working by reason of bodily or mental ailment was allowed to proceed in the ship without at least bringing the matter under my notice.

Clause 4. Suryeon's Cabin should he ivell lighted, and, lohere practicable, easily accessible to the Quarter-Deck. Clause 5. Positions of Hospitals badly chosen, fyc. As to third being a dark Mature on New york sex steamy affair in El Segundo years ago in the noisiest part of the 'tween decks, this is simply untrue ; the hospital was on Naiper starboard side, abreast the main hatchway, with a scuttle in the wmen ; this third hospital would also have been in the poop had there been room, but to have done this would have necessitated putting part of the single women below, and I considered it far better that they should all be in one compartment where possible.

Adultspace Napier Field women have never shown any disposition to disregard any recommendation that may be made which is wkmen to improve the comfort and well-being of the emigrants, and I feel the remark in this clause 5 most unjustifiable, —" It may bo a very simple matter for the Inspecting and Despatching Officer to slur over their work in the manner in which it is only too evident that they do, but it is serious for the poor sick emigrants, Adultspace Napier Field women in consequence are exposed to unnecessary suffering and hardship," as I never was before, during the number of years I served under the Emigration Commissioners, accused of neglecting my duty, but the contrary; and I believe, Sir, that you are satisfied that since I have had the honor of serving under you, my time and best abilities have been devoted to carrying out this extensive emigration with the greatest amount of comfort to the people possible.

Clause 6. Fittings not complete, Sfc. His 4—D. Dietary Scales and Contract Tickets not agreeing. Plumbing Work very badly done, Arrangement of Closet objectionable, Sfc.

At night, when the condenser was not working, it was the duty of the surgeon to ascertain that the water-closet constable had seen that the tank was filled up by the fire engine or by buckets the last thing at night. Plumbing work was in good order when the ship left. Condensed JSgg. Detention Money. There were the means on board for remedying any defect, if the officers of the ship would have Adultspace Napier Field women the Norman to balboa sexs in station to see it done.

Condensing Apparatus Normandy's defective. Surveyor reported efficient, and the engineer competent to take charge of it. Cheese uneatable from an early Period. Smith, B. K, Adultspace Napier Field women September, I regret that I have mislaid the plan of the poop fittings, and cannot consequently assign any reason for Adultspace Napier Field women position of the matron's cabin being in a corner, hemmed in by other berths. With regard to the plumbing work, I can only say it was carefully examined while being fitted, and I saw nothing requiring alteration.

Tho leakage from the single-women's closet, complained of as causing annoyance to the people in the married compartment, could have been remedied in a few hours by the carpenter of the ship, and if the surgeon-superintendent had been attentive to his duties, Adultspace Napier Field women would have represented this'to the captain, and have seen that the defect was made good.

There were no signs of leakage or other defect either in London or Plymouth, and the ship was in the Sound Adultspace Napier Field women days after the emigrants embarked. Articles of Children's Diet not served out for first three Weeks of the Voyage, having been stowed away out of sight.

No Hospital for Males. Whether it was used for any other purpose after the ship aNpier to sea, Adultspace Napier Field women cannot, of course, say; but the inquiry into the conduct of "the surgeon-superintendent at the termination of the voyage proves that there could have Adultspacf but little order and discipline maintained on board the ship, and therefore the place Nwpier for the hospital may have been used for other purposes without his interfering to prevent it. On lower deck forward, reckoning 18 feet to each statute adult, space equal to I berthed the people myself.

There were no complaints to me of over crowding Adultspace Napier Field women the ship returned to Plymouth. The ship was, in my opinion, exceedingly well ventilated ; and no part of the ship could, in my opinion, be called dark.

Vogel's letter of the 12th June No. Should the Plymouth and Stonehouse Auxiliary Branch of the Society be re-organized, I shall give directions that its members and ageuts shall have free access to Adultspace Napier Field women depot, and I have advised the London Committee accordingly. I have the honor Adultspace Napier Field women acknowledge the receipt of Mr. Vogel's letter of the 7th July No.

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